Company rules

This page indicates the conditions under which you can:

1) use the website (
2) register as a Client of the Company (
3) participate in our investment decisions and our referral program

You must understand that signing up on our website, using all or some of the materials or content, you agree to these Rules.
If you do not agree with these Rules, please refrain from using or visiting the Website.

Use of the Site

•  The Site, including all pages, content, sounds, pictures, designs and other information or data contained therein, is provided for information purposes only.
•  The User confirms that he will not make changes to the company's website and take actions that contribute to the degradation of the Resource and the destruction of the original content of the website.
•  The User agrees that the use of the online platform does not give him the rights to the intellectual property of this Resource.
•  Any attempt to duplicate, copy or move any content accessible on the Site is prohibited in its entirety.
•  The Users should use the site only in the context of interaction with the company.


•  Passage of the registration procedure on the official website of the company, and the subsequent cooperation, including investment, is solely the decision taken by the platform participant voluntarily, without external influence, coercion or threats.
•  Registration implies that the User is fully and unconditionally agrees to these Rules.
•  The User is considered a Client and therefore party to the agreement only upon opening a personal account on our website ( and accepting these Rules.
•  By registering the User confirms that he/she is an adult citizen in their State (over 18 years old).
•  The company expressly seeks your consent to collect data that may lead to your identification, whether directly or indirectly (Personal Data).
•  Under no circumstances will the Company disclose any Personal Data relating to an individual client to anybody.
•  Your Personal Data is used to enable you to join our team of investors and to contact you throughout your relationship with us.
•  The User is obliged to observe complete confidentiality while storing their password, login and other details used by the User on the website of the company.
•  The User can create only one account. We reserve the right to very easily and accurately determine who causes this kind of problem for us by doing multiple registrations. We will check your IP address, your PC ID and other identifiers. And if we find multiple registration of the Client, we will block all accounts of such a client, and all the money that can be on all such accounts will be taken away irretrievably.

Investment Policy

•  Each deposit is considered as a private transaction between the Company and its Client.
•  Clients perform all financial transactions solely at their own discretion and their own risk. Clients personally decide whether to invest or not and how much to invest.
•  Profit rates is calculated in accordance with the conditions specified for each of the investment plan.
•  By creating an investment, the Client agrees that all the circumstances of the investment process are clear to him.
•  Client can make a deposit with only help of electronic payment systems used by the Company.
•  There is no additional commission to withdraw funds from the investment platform.
•  Client may not close the deposit before the expiry of the deposit.
•  The Company guarantees that all financial records and e-mail content will remain private and secure.
•  Clients have the right to freely dispose of the funds that are on their personal account.
•  Client agrees to make replenishment of the balance by the means having the lawful origin.
•  The Company has the right to block the Client's account in the event of a request from payment systems about illegal actions of the participant, and also at the request of law enforcement bodies.

Referral program

•  Our clients will be entitled to become our partners and therefore receive 3% of the referrals deposits. In addition, you will receive 1% for referrals of the second and third lines.
•  Each partner receives a unique referral link, registering the invited participant is linked to the account of the partner who invited him.
•  The partner commission is calculated from the amount of the open deposit of the referral and is credited to the partner's balance immediately after the opening of the deposit by the referral.
•  The referral bonus for any investment made by a client’s referral can be paid only in the currency of the electronic payment system that was used by that referral when creating the relevant investment.
•  The partner has the right to dispose of the received commission at his own discretion.
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